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Kushner, taking new White House role, faces rare scrutiny

January 22 2018, 08:29 | Irvin Gilbert

Ellis was person who showed NUNES the information.

Revelations have also hit on Capitol Hill, where during an open hearing last week, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey confirmed an ongoing investigation into ties between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

President Donald Trump Monday attempted to deflect attention from the Russian investigation and whether his campaign and transition teams colluded with Russian operatives by tweeting the intelligence committees should be investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the 2016 presidential race, and former President Bill Clinton.

On Monday, without identifying his source, Nunes acknowledged he obtained the information while on White House grounds, an admission Democrats said should force him to at least recuse himself from the committee probe tied to Russian Federation. Watts told reporters that trolling networks his research institute monitors were disseminating propaganda about dissension in the ranks of the Republican Party regarding the vote for Ryan as speaker of the House.

Yates, who was sacked in January as acting attorney general after she refused to defend the Trump administration travel ban, was expected to be questioned about her role in the firing of Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

Why did Nunes cancel a series of hearings?

It seems easy enough to connect the dots.

The California Republican met with a secret source last week on White House grounds to review classified material.

One day, you can be the respected chairman of one of the last remaining bipartisan committees on Capitol Hill.

"It's backdoor surveillance where it's not just incidental, it's systematic", the White House official told Lizza. "That's the thing to watch today". Intelligence agencies routinely monitor the communications of foreign officials living in the USA, though the identities of Americans swept up in that collection is to be protected. It says, "The White House has taken no action to prevent Sally Yates from testifying and the Department of Justice specifically told her that it would not stop her and to suggest otherwise is completely irresponsible".

"After months of insisting she "[did not] intend to be part of the government" and would not assist her father "in a formal administrative capacity", Ivanka Trump has changed course and will become a federal employee, the New York Times reports.

Nunes' revelation appeared to bolster President Trump's assertion that the former Obama administration had spied on the incoming president.

The Democrats' campaign to get him removed began last week, after Nunes announced he saw evidence that the communications of members of President's Trump's transition team were listened in on, and their identities "unmasked" despite protections meant to protect US citizens, and disseminated among USA intelligence agencies.

Nunes has not revealed who he met with, and Colbert says the congressman "wants to publicly assure his source that he's never going to give him up". "So I think that was an encouraging sign". On the same day, former Vice President Dick Cheney told CNN it is clear that the Russian government at least meant to influence the 2016 contest.

Losing to wind at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Losing to wind as he heads to Indiana.

Losing to wind while he's in Scotland to discuss bankrolling an anti-wind-farm campaign in order to fight an off-shore development near his luxury golf resort.

Putting up a good fight but ultimately losing to wind in Scotland.

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