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Ivanka Trump Says 'Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work'

January 19 2018, 05:40 | Alonzo Simpson

Ivanka Trump Says 'Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work'

4 things to know about Equal Pay Day

It would take until today-April 4th-for a woman to earn as much money as a man did for doing the same work past year.

The goal of Boston's awarenessweek is to "acknowledge the gender wage gap and its consequences, while providing the training and tools to help Boston women advocate for themselves within the workforce", according the mayor's office.

Equal Pay Day aims to raise awareness of this issue. In 2017, women earn $0.79 for every $1 earned by men.

Health care support occupations have the closest thing to equal pay, with women only making.3% less than men.

Congressman Bobby Scott of Newport News tweeted praise for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of CT for her efforts to close the pay gap.

"Today, on #EqualPayDay, we are reminded that women deserve equal pay for equal work", she wrote.

The women are also pushing for a bill now being discussed in Tallahassee, which would ban employers from paying workers differently based on sex or gender identity. This is unacceptable, and unequal pay for equal work is morally and mathematically wrong.

People have been participating in this message all over social media, with particular activity on Twitter.

In addition, 23 per cent of female employee respondents believe men are paid more for the same role.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz says, over 50 years after the Equal Pay Act was signed, it's unconscionable that some employers feel pay discrimination is okay.

To break it down for you, Whelan says white women make 83 cents on the dollar compared to men. "All of us - men, women, employers, employees, colleagues - can step up and become stronger allies for women", she adds. The U.S. Census Bureau's 2015 Income and Poverty data shows that median earnings for women with full time employment that year were $40,742.

While black men also earn significantly less than white men (and also less than white and Asian women), black women are still further behind.

The wage gap tends to be wider for older workers, according to Martin. In all construction and building trades, women are paid 23.3% less than men.

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