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'Goodbye Tour' Asks If The 'Girls' Were Ever Really Friends

May 24 2018, 01:52 | Perry Erickson

HBO Unlike her co-star Lena Dunham Allison Williams is keen to keep her political opinions to herself

Unlike her co-star Lena Dunham Allison Williams is keen to keep her political opinions to herself

"Goodbye Tour" seems like it's going to end with the four friends enjoying each other's company for the first time in a while and the last time for a while.

It sounds like the finale of "Girls" will be more like 'Girl.' Lena Dunham just revealed that we've already seen the last of two of the four main ladies - and I'm a little confused. The storyline is particularly poignant for Williams, who only Wednesday website founder Ricky Van Veen, 36, in September 2015 - the same year Marnie tied the knot. "She ended it with the following hashtags, "#JessaAndShoshForever #CousinLove #ThankYou #GoodbyeGirls". Any one of those lines could have been taken from a water-cooler conversation about the late period of the show, and now Girls is parroting it right back at us. The show is called Girls and we're just getting Hannah - probably the worst character - and Marnie? For what is nearly certainly the last time, Girls brought its namesake foursome together; both the plot gymnastics that got them there and the ensuing gathering were more forced and awkward than ever. One fan asked if she was expecting a child. Marnie is the singular friend who has been with Hannah the longest, and for some reason, she's unable to reach her when she's considering the big move. After proclaiming that he'll be dancing all night, he leaves, and the girls follow suit one by one.

Neither character really gave us the goodbye feeling on the penultimate episode; we found out Shoshanna got engaged. She's being interviewed by a woman played by Ann Dowd, who did a terrifying stint on the Leftovers. Pregnancy is an important part of many women's stories. She threw herself into uncomfortable situations, playing ping pong topless in over-washed underwear, squeezing her cleavage together for a "sexy" picture she'd rather not take. And that's ultimately why Shosh has been largely missing from this season. Mamet could make a winning rom-com heroine, although she clearly goes after character actor roles - she's in Under the Silver Lake, due out later this year.

Her dad (Peter Scolari) and his partner, Keith (Ethan Phillips), provide the kind of progressive, "this is the future liberals want" parental advice that Hannah's always wanted: supportive, kind and just a little self-involved. These characters have spent years trying to hold their young friendships together with tape and glue, and only now are they beginning to realize how much they've slacked on the maintenance recently. She loves Hannah because she writes for the Internet and she wants Hannah to teach the students how to do that. Hopefully she will deliver a follow-up to Tiny Furniture; her work has only gotten better since that hilarious, barbed indie made the rounds seven years ago. Dunham herself might be, too, although I'm largely basing that assumption off of her close friendship with Taylor Swift, aka Known Loathsome Human.

It seems entirely possible that Dunham might have to continue taking acting gigs to supplement or boost her work as a director. She was just straight up living in her happiness. Hannah Horvath and her fellow Girls dwelled in Brooklyn-most of the time, anyway-on the same streets Carrie and her gang refused to tread until Miranda moved there, holding her nose the whole time. And Shosh tells Hannah she wasn't invited because she was furious that Hannah never told her directly about being pregnant and is holding it against her.

"It's okay", Hannah says, full-on crying, her voice strained, after Jessa awkwardly expresses regret.

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The series has been roundly praised for showing "real bodies", with Dunham confidently displaying her size 14 figure on screen. For the first time, however, the show actually acknowledged it.

Of course, only one of the two people in this scene is also in Star Wars. Even if it was slight, you could nearly see the weight lifting off of each of the women as Shoshanna explained why she was done. It's hard to fault these filmmakers for casting him, and harder still to fault Driver for racking up such a terrific resume.

The final episode of "Girls" airs on Monday 17 April on Sky Atlantic.

Jessica: Elijah bursts into the bathroom with news that he's finally been cast in White Men Can't Jump: "Eat a dick!"

But in some ways, as those who've struggled to carve out a life in New York City know, and Elijah (Andrew Rannells) expressed to Hannah early in the episode, leaving is a bit of a betrayal. But "Goodbye Tour" is propped up by what this show has long needed and, in its final weeks, can finally provide: a collective recognition that there's nothing holding these women together, and what's worse, they even hold each other back.

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