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FCC Chair To 'Quickly Replace' Obama Net Neutrality Rules

June 21 2018, 12:42 | Alexander Lowe

Nearly half of Washington's state lawmakers have signed on to support proposals aimed at securing internet privacy after changes to federal law. "Until that happens, however, we will work together on harmonizing the FCC's privacy rules for broadband providers with the FTC's standards for other companies in the digital economy". We will keep you posted on updates.

According to the report, which cites three people briefed in the meeting, Pai wants internet providers to voluntarily agree to not obstruct or slow consumer access to the web, and to commit to this in writing and include it in their terms of service.

The repealed FCC rules applied to broadband internet service providers and wouldn't have affected internet-based data collectors like Google or Facebook. Other than the rules that Congress mandated to require parental consent to collect personal information online from children under age 13, the FTC has no rulemaking authority to protect Americans' privacy.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a great way to maintain your privacy and stop your ISP from monitoring and collecting information on your web usage habits and search history.

The safest solution for internet privacy protection definitely remains a fast trustable VPN provider. Even though Congress scrapped the FCC's ISP privacy rules last week, the Telecommunications Act still prohibits telecom providers from selling personally identifiable information in many cases.

After reversing the FCC privacy rules, the next to be scrapped may be the net neutrality, which guarantees all net content is equally accessible.

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NordVPN remains a supporter of internet privacy and security.

To me, the scariest aspect of this whole ordeal is that the FCC is now prohibited from proposing similar rules to the ones that were just repealed.

"We strongly disagree with the CRA resolution, and believe that broadband providers should follow strong privacy and security rules that give consumers control over how their information is used and shared, as well as confidence their information will be protected", the senators wrote. It scrambles a user's online data, so an ISP can not decode and use it for building an advertising profile. "Yet, many consumers have limited choice for broadband service and can not necessarily change ISPs if their privacy and security protections are not transparent or strong". "They could research a VPN that is trustworthy and use that VPN to serve as an encrypted path that the (internet service provider) cannot peer into".

You don't need to look much further than the dollars they receive from these companies to realize what is actually going on.

In an interview this week with my colleague Ben Herold, Wheeler said, "s$3 uddenly, all of the information that goes across the network is available to be sold". A second category of information, called "less-sensitive data", such as your name, address, IP address and anything else a consumer has not opted in to sharing with their ISP's will now be subject to collection, since consumers won't have an option to opt out of this information sharing.

But Aaron said the law is nearly certain to create new privacy risks, particularly given students' overwhelming dependence on the internet today for conducting research and completing assignments, at school and at home.

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