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Easy choice: Browns CB Haden wants Garrett with No. 1 pick

January 22 2018, 08:27 | Van Peters

But the likeliest scenario is that the Browns stick with Garrett, leaving the next 31 picks in the draft open for business. They also will not negotiate or reveal the pick until it is time for them to call Philadelphia to have the card filled out and handed to the commissioner after they go on the clock next Thursday. In a strong draft like this one, it would be a prudent idea, as the third overall pick is quite valuable when it comes to trades. Every prospects is going to have his weaknesses.

As a quick learner and a player that is ready to push the envelope in the pros, he'd land in a ideal situation with the Jets.

That was the first and strongest indication given by the Browns that Osweiler would be in the mix to start during the 2017 season. The Browns don't have enough of those players on their roster. The Browns have 11 picks in this draft, which makes a trade up easier to complete. Jackson then saw to it that Cody Kessler was the fifth of the team's 14 draft picks. With 21 starts in 5 seasons, Osweiler is the most experienced signal-caller for the Browns, and he might be released or traded pretty soon, considering he's on an bad contract and no one believes he can be a starting quarterback for anyone.

So there is no gray area, Brown was asked if a deal could happen before next week's draft. "This is an important draft for us". This franchise desperately needs elite-level talent. But to parrot a phrase that has been uttered far too much in the past few months, if there is a player the Browns want at No. 6 they should "do whatever it takes" to get him. The team has clearly stated that it won't be trading for a veteran quarterback between now and the end of the draft. "We have studied this around the league, and it is just our inclination". Most mock drafts project Stanford's Solomon Thomas as the second player off the board, but Trubisky, Jonathan Allen, Jamal Adams, and Malik Hooker are all among the names that could also be in the mix.

Just when you think you've got a beat on the Browns' new analytically oriented front office, the powers-that-be say something to make you do a 180.

Once again the Cleveland Browns level of ineptitude haunts them as the NFL Draft approaches next weekend.

The Browns were 31 of 32 franchises previous year in total defense, so I think Garrett would also be a good fit. We think no matter how prepared you are there is always a lot of uncertainty in the draft.

- The likelihood that Jimmy Garoppolo will become a Brown is diminishing by the hour.

"If the quarterback has the physical talent to produce, has the work ethic, has the preparation and then most importantly has the aptitude, it may take him a little longer", Brown said, "but those guys typically do have success in the National Football League". They need a player like him and he'd be another piece in the youth movement they're trying to usher in for a brighter future. If the Browns want this guy, they'll have to leapfrog the Bills. "It is just part of the territory".

“We expect Brock to be here, ” Brown said.

The fact that the Browns are looking at all their options is encouraging.

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