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Donald Trump and Family Attend Church for Easter

May 24 2018, 01:51 | Irvin Gilbert

Every time a president steps off the White House grounds, travel prices skyrocket into the millions thanks to costs such as operating Air Force One as well as securing and feeding the commander-in-chief and his staff and guests.

Trump has made a point of showing how his extraordinary wealth can save taxpayers money.

There continues to be much doubt about just how much Trump's trips are costing the USA taxpayer. In his first 100 days.

Both McMaster and McFarland also talked up the role China could play in bringing North Korea to heel - and urged some patience on that front.

Mar-a-Lago's general manager did not comment to The Herald. It is a golf corse.

This year's event came under scrutiny after the vendor that traditionally supplies commemorative wooden eggs as party favors sent a tweet warning the White House that manufacturing deadlines were fast approaching. What's better than the White House?

"Mar-a-Lago represents a commercialization of the presidency that has few if any precedents in American history", presidential historian Jon Meacham told the Times.

Egypt beefs up security outside churches ahead of Easter
On behalf of all USA bishops, the cardinal expressed "our deepest sadness" for all those killed and injured, and their loved ones. Coptic Christians have put their faith in el-Sissi, who championed himself as the bulwark against Islamists.

When the Japanese Prime Minister was there, North Korea test fired a missile.

The head of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Noah Bookbinder, says although it's a private club, Americans have a right to know who's visiting Mar-a-Lago while the president is there. As is the White House itself. The first family will spend the weekend in Florida. Really? The man can tell all about the most attractive piece of chocolate cake ever, and how President Xi was enjoying it, but he does not know where the missiles were going?

Members of Mr Trump's Cabinet have also travelled extensively, with State Secretary Rex Tillerson meeting President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation last week, and Defence Secretary James Mattis visiting South Korea and Japan in February.

Basing its findings off of a widely cited estimate of $3.6 million per trip, the CAP calculates that the total thus far of $25 million could fund four thousand Medicaid recipients for a year.

It was standard practice in the Bush and Obama administrations for a senior national security aide (often at the deputy national security adviser level or higher) to always travel with the president, including on vacations.

Why is this important? And during Trump's March 18-19 stay, seven pilots crossed into restricted airspace; one, a small Cessna plane that wasn't in radio contact, was intercepted by two F-15E aircraft and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, NORAD said.

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