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"13 Reasons Why": Helpful or Harmful?

May 24 2018, 01:40 | Perry Erickson

Executive producers Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey have been working on producing Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why based on the book by Jay Asher.

The show dropped on March 31, and according to E!

Erin Stewart explains one side of the issue in an article for Junkee.

Thanks to the incredible cinematography, we see both sides of the story - from Hannah's perspective and what actually happened. While 13 reasons why she killed herself emerged, the 14th tape was also revealed with Bryce's (Justin Prentice) confession that he raped Hannah. Mainly that Hannah's tapes and therefore her story have finished. When Clay relives his flashbacks with Hannah, the scenes are filled with vibrant warm colors but the minute the scene is switched back to present time, the colors revert to a cool tone making for a feeling of depression and longing without Hannah in his life. Dylan Minnette plays Clay Jensen, is been known for his roles in movies such including "Let Me In", "Don't Breathe", and "Goosebumps". Something that you say, even if you don't mean it or you think it doesn't matter, can affect someone tremendously. Pay attention to the way shadows fall slightly on Hannah's face and how close those close-ups really are between Bryce, played by Justin Prentice, and Jessica, played by Alisha Boe, because each move made by cinematographers Ivan Strasburg and Andrij Parekh has a strong goal.

We all want the characters we've come to know and love end up in a better place than we've watched them in previously. It's an honest look, unlike few shows on TV, and it might not be the escapism people are looking for, but I argue it's the dose of reality we all need to see. I think the expansion of the universe is a really interesting direction for the show to take. Along with that, Alex doesn't get shot, Courtney isn't gay and there were many other things tin the series that were nothing like the book.

Montgomery earns Yanks' 5th starter job, to debut Wednesday
Michael Pineda flirted with a ideal game during the home opener, and a late-innings rally fueled a come-from-behind win yesterday. But in his three seasons with the Yankees he's been frustrating, but today he set the bar high for his potential on the mound.

I may not be the person to watch this show, but I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone.

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This is in order to expand the universe and give watchers time with the background characters, which are also heavily expanded upon in the show. And others, have mentioned how they spent the whole day (Friday) binge watching it.

Before playing the mother of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why, Kate starred as the fan favorite character Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Why did she do it?

In the new Netflix original Thirteen Reasons Why the kind of topics that are talked about, are the kind of topics that are extremely current and ideal for the time, and flawless for our generation.

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