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Here are top features you should be happy about

January 19 2018, 05:30 | Alonzo Simpson

While CPU performance and storage space are clearly important factors when choosing a phone, battery life can be the clincher for many people.

"In Europe, over 73 percent of active flagship Android devices on the major mobile network operators reported a security patch level from the last three months", the report said. The new operating system includes a suite of small improvements - and a few large ones - which will make life easier for Android users everywhere. As more cars adopt Android integration, Google also extended APIs to enable third-party calling apps to integrate with the system UI and other audio apps. However, that wouldn't be a correct assessment of Google's next Android upgrade. But what happens if a user doesn't own any of these devices?

This Operating System is now available for download but more features are on its way and lots of work to be done in terms of stabilization and performance, as it is still in the Starting stage.

Android O aims to solve this with its new "notification channels" feature, which lets app developers group notifications together by type. The search engine gleans these insights by analyzing your past requests and, when you allow it, tracking your location, a practice that periodically raises privacy concerns about Google's power to create digital profiles of its users. In the same way, new effects and the so called notifications groupings will be applied to propose the user a more organized and clean way of notifying the system news. The feature will put them under separate headings for news, sports, music, entertainment, social, etc., and offer individual controls on each category.

Needless to say, Google recommends that Android users download apps just from the Play Store. I've been personally waiting for such feature as the Google Pixel and Nexus phones already support for swipe gestures for revealing the notification shade. It's complicated! But yeah, Google said in its report that "more than 735 million devices from 200+ manufacturers received a platform security update in 2016".

Developers can specify which aspect ratio they want for their application and can even set custom interactions on the PIP window.

AAudio API for Pro Audio: AAudio is a new native API that's designed specifically for apps that require high-performance, low-latency audio.

From the user's perspective, our home screen and app drawer would boast of similar-shaped icons.

Soon after updating the device, it will prompt you to select the Pixel launcher, the roughly scaled version of the launcher we've been using on the Pixel phones. Some fancy new animations also come into play when using the quick-switch feature. Below are eight new features that are a part of Android O Developer Preview. Remember that this is a developer preview version of Android O and that means it's for app developers to start testing and making apps for the upcoming version of Android.

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