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Greg Marchildon: Overcharging older Americans will not fix health care

May 20 2018, 05:25 | Rex Rios

Greg Marchildon: Overcharging older Americans will not fix health care

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I am extremely distraught by the proposed changes to Medicaid that would result in billions of dollars in cuts if the Republican-proposed American Health Care Act succeeds in replacing the Affordable Care Act.

When millions of Americans exercise their right not to purchase health insurance, where do they go when they get sick?

Fitzpatrick, a Republican who represents the 8th District, says the main reason he can not vote for the bill is that it does not adequately address opioid abuse. The ACA targets others who do not make enough money to afford decent health care insurance. In a nutshell: When compared to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), insurance subsidies drop under the American Health Care Act (the new Republican bill) if you're older, poorer or live in Northern California where medical costs are higher. Those Republicans who decry redistribution of income don't seem to understand what insurance is.

I envision a true marketplace for health care that empowers Montanans with more control over their spending, lowers the cost of care, and offers countless options for quality coverage that meets personal needs and budgets.

It frees younger people from the ACA mandate (which makes that plan economically feasible) by eliminating the mandate.

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The legislation would exact a dramatic financial toll on low- and moderate-income older Americans.

As the ACHA stands, it seems that some seniors could be left without adequate care, because the bill's tax-credit structure won't provide as much coverage as the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) subsidies now do.

The legislation would, among other things, nix the fine put in place for people who don't carry insurance, replace income-based subsidies with tax credits based on age and cap federal funding to Medicaid.

So, what are the insurance companies in business for? How do you support a plan without knowing the specifics? It's time to let Medicare negotiate lower drug prices and reduce barriers to global price competition by allowing for the safe importation of lower-priced drugs. We do not buy insurance with the expectation that we are going to use it. An AARP Public Policy Institute report analyzing the change in age rating limits found that premiums for people 60-plus would increase 22 percent, or $3,192 per year, on average to $17,916. Only New York and Minnesota take advantage of that ACA feature, the end of which accounts for a third of the projected loss in the next four years. That plan had only two worthwhile features and in the end, one of them was flawed. Ryan indicated that there might be changes to the GOP healthcare bill by saying, "We think we should be offering more assistance than the bill now does".

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