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Google Maps Beta-version is Updated with 'Save the Parking' Add-on

January 21 2018, 12:16 | Irvin Gilbert

Google Maps Beta-version is Updated with 'Save the Parking' Add-on

Google Maps Beta-version is Updated with 'Save the Parking' Add-on

This Google Maps feature is more similar to an Apple Maps feature that Apple added in iOS 10.

Google Maps users will soon be able to broadcast their movements to friends and family - the latest test of how much privacy people are willing to sacrifice in an era of rampant sharing.

The first feature lets users set their car's location by tapping on the blue location dot, and selecting the "Save your parking" option in the menu.

You can become a tester by clicking a link on the Google Maps app in the app store or Google Play. You can also add notes like what floor, which entrance is nearest to your vehicle, etc. In that case, sharing ends once you arrive. Once the timer comes to a close, Google Maps will remind the driver that they are very close to getting a ticket. You will also have the option to bypass Google Contacts and copy a link to send to any recipient.

Above: Location sharing in Google Maps for Android.

Google has introduced a new feature to make sure Android users never forget where they park their cars.

More useful is sharing your ETA on a trip. Alternatively, it could allow you to navigate a friend towards your location if they're lost in an unfamiliar area. An icon appears on your map that lets you know you're location is being shared to prevent inadvertent sharing.

The location-sharing feature is aimed at helping people find each other in crowded places. Now you can easily answer that question with Google Maps. Tap the "More" button on the bottom of the navigation screen and then tap "Share trip".

The announcement underscores the company's growing ambition for Google Maps to be more than just a destination for maps and directions. You'll be presented with a new menu offering to "save your parking", which lets you store all the information you need to find your auto again.

The new Google Maps also brings the number of supported ridesharing apps to 14 across 70 countries, up from 9 in January.

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