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Golovkin outslugs determined Jacobs as knockout streak ends

March 23 2018, 03:17 | Rex Rios

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Danny Jacobs thought he fought the flawless fight; thought he had done all he needed to do to upset Gennady Golovkin and capture the middleweight championship before 19,939 at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. But a lot of people scored the fight for Jacobs (32-2, 29 KO), who had more than his share of moments, and made Golovkin look entirely human for the first time in many years. Unsurprisingly, Jacobs thought that his impressive performance warranted the victory.

Jacobs is one of them.

"Of course, I'm ready [to fight Canelo]", Golovkin told HBO. The power-punch success netted Jacobs the last three rounds on two of the three scorecards, but that was not enough to pull off the win. But I won't complain. But after that, he's supposedly finally going to get his shot - and the tens of millions of dollars that will come with it - against Canelo Alvarez. I'm confident that I can go on to be the best middleweight in the world. 'I did feel like I had to win the 12th round to make sure'.

A lot of the rounds were tight and it was a hard fight to score. "I know he has good boxing IQ". And I wouldn't mind seeing this again. In fact, in the opening two rounds, both fighters spent most of the fight exchanging feints and jabs, though Jacobs' movement appeared to produce some trouble for Golovkin.

Jacobs, 30, overcome osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer that revealed itself in a quarter-sized tumor the size of a walnut, wrapped around his spine in recent years. I mean it definitely wasn't this bogeymen, knockout artist that everybody is saying. I can't destroy him.

"I believe that stuff.I see the way he's been getting these knock-outs". "I kind of agree with that, even though I think he's still a risky fighter and he's still a big threat. I won the fight and I won the decision and all I can do is be gracious in the decision".

Cruz's inability to hurt Martin and the persistent body assault forced him to give up more and more ground, leaving him open to prolonged assaults on the ropes.

A rematch maybe in the future between the two middleweight standouts. This was something that the Brooklyn man admitted he had worked on in the build-up to the clash.

Even in defeat, Jacobs earned the respect of the boxing world. If you've ever seen him fight a southpaw, he's always shown vulnerability - against Kassim Ouma, Willie Monroe Jnr, Ian Gardner. Brook's feet were too fast, and his hands even faster - he repeatedly landed flush on the Kazakh whose constant forward motion does not lend itself well to effectively protecting his face. "I have to continue to perform".

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