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Five Kansas counties on ICE 'limited cooperation' list

May 24 2018, 01:50 | Rex Rios

Five Kansas counties on ICE 'limited cooperation' list

Five Kansas counties on ICE 'limited cooperation' list

According to the document, an inmate at the Sacramento County Jail was released February 2 after Immigration and Customs Enforcement had requested that person be placed on what is called a "detainer" for up to 48 hours.

A significant portion of these detainers were ignored by Travis County, Texas.

The crimes the 116 individuals are charged with include drug trafficking, aggravated assault, homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, and sex offense against a child.

The first list included declined detainers from around the country, particularly focused on Travis County, Texas and the liberal enclave of Austin.

A federal judge says immigration authorities conducted enforcement raids in Austin, Texas, in retaliation for the sanctuary policies adopted by the local sheriff.

A Connecticut Mirror analysis of ICE detainer information found that correction and law enforcement officials in Connecticut declined only 48 ICE detainers between January 1, 2014, and September 30, 2015.

In an analysis of the DHS memos, the Tahirih Justice Center, a nonprofit serving immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence, said that [DHS Secretary John] Kelly's directives appeared to rescind an ICE guidance issued in 2011 that protected immigrant victims of domestic violence and other crimes.

Since Miranda-Olivares' case, Sheriff Garrett said all OR counties have stopped honoring ICE detainer requests.

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Sheriff Bill Brown: "The way we operate is we fully cooperate with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in terms of people who have been arrested within the confines of California law, which has gotten a little bit complicated in this area with the TRUTH Act and the TRUST Act". "Washington County will continue to follow the court's clear guidance that these detainer requests are unconstitutional".

Williamson and Bastrop Counties are the only other Texas jurisdictions on the federal agency's list, with Williamson denying four detainer requests and Bastop declining three.

Lebanon County administrator Jamie Wolgemuth defended the county prison's policy and noted that the prison cooperates fully with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency whenever a person is brought in on local charges and is believed to be an illegal or undocumented immigrant. This data shows we are serious about public safety in Travis County. Also unclear is the status of the immigrants - whether some are in federal or state custody.

This is all in response to an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on January 25 that instructed federal agencies not to apply the Privacy Act of 1974 to people who are not US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

The 206 cases ICE identified in its list, however, include some detainer requests made as early as 2014 and don't represent every detainer request issued, according to the Associated Press.

Such cities and counties, commonly described as "sanctuary jurisdictions", may not cooperate with the detainer requests for a variety of reasons.

"Our Constitution guarantees the right to due process, but over half of the cases referenced in ICE's report are individuals charged with crimes, who have not been convicted", Denver immigration attorney Hans Meyer said in an email.

Kristen Dark, a spokeswoman for Hernandez, said the sheriff had no comment Monday because she was not part of any conversation between ICE agents and judges.

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