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Drake's release of playlist 'More Life' excites

January 22 2018, 08:28 | Guillermo Bowen

Drake's New Project Will Not Be an Apple Music Exclusive 'More Life is almost here

Drake's New Project Will Not Be an Apple Music Exclusive      'More Life is almost here

Drake has finally delivered "More Life", but he hasn't necessarily handed us all the answers.

For most of More Life, Drake sticks to three of his favorite conversation topics: tsk-tsking girls he used to date, assessing where he falls in rap's pecking order, and being deeply suspicious of the people who hang around him.

This feat shouldn't come as much of a shock to anyone, as Drake was named the most streamed artist on Spotify back in October.

In 2014, the internet reacted in a bullying way to a video of the singer caught lint rolling his trousers courtside at an National Basketball Association game, inspiring the Toronto Raptors to handout Drake-branded lint rollers.

Drake has released his long-awaited playlist More Life. But here, with an album that's nearly shameless heart emojis-highlighted by "Passionfruit", the previously-released "Lose You", and "Glow" with Kanye West-Drake doubles-down.

"Teenage Fever" Jenny from the Block may not actually be present on the grimy breakup anthem; however, the contrast between her iconic chorus and Drake's verses offers an emotional glimpse into a relationship at its breaking point. The end of the song gives us a sample from Earth Wind & Fire's "Devotion" and lets you know that that these rappers, while confident, are still very thankful for their fans.

More Life also contains more subliminal disses.

And if Drake goes back on that idea and stays in our faces through the fall? As soon as one of the tracks gets declared the "song of the summer" and get replayed 500 times on the radio, people will start to get exhausted of it.

It's no surprise that Drake chose Skepta to feature on his album. It's unclear how many listeners tuned in, however. He pulls out his inner Kanye West by asking the featured artists to perform to his standard, which they all accomplish. The song is worth revisiting for both of their performances and gives some life to the playlist's subdued and often moody production. But with five months of promotion behind it, More Life is unprecedented. We hear Quavo join Drizzy on "Portland", which could be the next biggest song in the hip-hop world.

In addition to Drake's work with Black Coffee, he also titled uptempo-track, "Madiba Riddim" after South Africa's former president and anti-apartheid revolutionary, Nelson Mandela. However, it could also be argued that any publicity is good publicity and undoubtedly, "More Life" will bring the genre to more ears.

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