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De Blasio says NYC Schools Will Remain Safe Places for Immigrants

January 19 2018, 05:36 | Irvin Gilbert

However, several jurisdictions in Pennsylvania are disputing the report and its characterizations. Three years later, the board shot down a proposal to hold "the worst of the worst" inmates 24 hours past their release date, but it was altered after Steinle's death in 2015 to allow ICE agents to be notified about the impending release of an offender who had committed a violent or serious crime in the past. "That's why they're publishing the list - to try and shame jurisdictions like us for not holding someone beyond when we would normally release them". Montgomery County, Iowa, and Snohomish County, Wash., both tied for fourth with 12 ignored detainer requests each. However, more ICE operational activity is required to conduct at-large arrests in any law enforcement jurisdiction that fails to honor ICE immigration detainers. Unlike their Travis County counterparts, officials at WilCo honor all ICE requests, but that cooperation wasn't reflected in the report, officials said.

But that's not right, Shank said. The report lumps Franklin County together with uncooperative Philadelphia, which has the status of a "sanctuary city" for openly refusing to work with ICE. The agency issued five requests to Franklin County during the report's time-frame.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released its first report listing jurisdictions that refuse cooperation with federal immigration authorities - a step created to put public pressure on sanctuary cities.

"We've been told that the earliest date we could have that meeting is April 4", he said. The specific nature of each case is unexplained in the ICE report, however.

A new list by DHS shows jurisdictions around the country that reject immigrant detainer requests.

Instead of commending the Trooper, his supervisors inform him that his actions were under "review" (code word in law enforcement for their looking to discipline you) for failure to follow official policy of their "sanctuary state" to not call ICE when a criminal illegal alien comes across police radar.

Labeled "noncooperative", these cities, parishes, and counties have a variety of policies governing the relationship between ICE and the municipality.

"To the extent that this agency can, we will continue to employ our limited, taxpayer-supported resources to assist ICE with its efforts to secure and detain "alien" criminal suspects in our community by providing advance inmate release notification", Mann said. It would be hard to create an exact parameter for what should be considered "near" a sensitive location, but the goal should be to make every effort possible to avoid a chilling effect, he said. "We do not enforce immigration law, which is the role of the Federal Government". However it still can not hold someone past their release date without a warrant. "That is what Lehigh County did and that is why Lehigh County lost that lawsuit", he said.

Shurtleff pointed out that King County was among the largest counties on the list, and he said Metropolitan King County Council members are working to strengthen its ability to reach out to immigrant communities.

"Our values are that we want people to know that they're welcome and accepted here", he said. "If we're mandated to honor a detainer, we will", said Wyatt.

Bob Libal, director of immigrants rights advocacy group Grassroots Leadership, said ICE can not be trusted given Monday's announcement. The six-week waiting period before reports are release is to ensure the integrity of the data, according to the agency.

"ICE should be keeping a far enough distance away from schools and places of worship so that they don't scare people away from places where they have a right to go", Chen said.

"I'm sorry that ICE lied to me because they told me there was not a target, and I have to think a judge is telling the truth", Daugherty told the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV on Tuesday. "If ICE expresses an interest in someone, then we have them come and get them".

But the reports are expected to keep coming.

The Express was unable to reach ICE representatives for comment.

"We're still waiting on a response", Shank said. "Public safety is not being compromised".

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