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Russia Threatens To Boycott Next Year's Eurovision Song Contest After Ukraine Win

May 20 2018, 05:20 | Perry Erickson

Thomson Reuters Winner of Eurovision Song Contest Jamala arrives at airport outside Kiev By Alexei Kalmykov and Vladimir Soldatkin

Crimean Tatar singer Susana Jamaladinova known as Jamala who won the Eurovision Song Contest leaves a plane during a welcoming ceremony upon her arrival at Boryspil International Airport outside Kiev Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Crimean Tatars are celebrating Ukrainian singer Jamala's win at Eurovision with a song that sheds light on their horrific deportations to Central Asia under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin but also hints at their recent treatment under Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Crimean Tatar singer Jamala's "1944" about the tragic events of the Crimean Tatar history, when the Soviet authorities ordered Tatars to leave their native region Crimea in 1944.

But the results came down to the wire, as Australia's entry, Dami, came a very close second with 511 points.

Russian Federation ended up in third, and Australia took the second-place spot. He performed two songs, including an exclusive live performance of his latest song "Can't Stop This Feeling". She rose to fame after joining The New Wave in 2009.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hailed Jamala's "unbelievable" victory with a political song about Russian-annexed Crimea.

Iveta Mukuchyan of Armenia performs during the first dress rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm, Sweden, Friday, May 13, 2016.

Among the evening's other highlights was a guest appearance by U.S. pop star Justin Timberlake, who entertained the crowd with his hit "Rock Your Body" before performing his new single, the upbeat "Can't Stop the Feeling". It was incredible. It was insane.

She said: "I think it's a big opportunity for us and at the same time it is a huge responsibility because Europe trusted us".

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"I know the Ukrainians are claiming this is a song about an historical event... but you can not get away from the fact that something similar is happening in Ukraine right now, and this was a wonderful way for the Ukrainians to, if you like, stick it to the Russians".

Instead, 2017's Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Ukraine.

It will be a decision of the National Television Company of Ukraine, in conjunction with the European Broadcasting Union, whether to extend another invitation to participate to Australia.

Dami Im's achievement is compounded by the fact that she had to fight her way through the semi-final in order to book a berth in the final.

Kochachev said that the Eurovision victory could embolden Ukraine's pro-Western leadership, jeopardising efforts to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine. After performing "Tonight Again" Sebastian landed on the fifth spot in the grand finals. There were power ballads.

Dressed in a glittery silver outfit, the 19-year-old Belgian opened the contest with "What's the Pressure", a funky tune with a bass riff reminiscent of Queen's "Another one Bites the Dust".

"Twitter went insane, Facebook went off and people are calling each other just saying how proud they were of this Logan girl".

"This is such a dream, thank you #Eurovision!", she said on social media. I've got nothing against Australia. This is only the beginning! "We're waiting for you at home, with borscht and chicken, I promise!" Coming 2nd in Eurovision is by far the MOST wonderful achievement for me and for Australia and I'll never forget the last two weeks. Belgium's Laura Tesoro gained the highest point in Australia with her song "What's the Pressure".

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