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Doctors Could Have a Zika Test Later this Week

May 20 2018, 05:22 | Perry Erickson

Doctors Could Have a Zika Test Later this Week

Already rife in South America and a growing threat to the US zika is blamed for thousands of babies being born with underdeveloped brains

Mosquitoes were not a concern in Kentucky in February, when the World Health Organization declared the mosquito-borne Zika virus a global public health emergency and President Barack Obama asked Congress for $1.9 billion to combat the disease.

The Health Department's official "NYC Condoms" will be donated through the local Puerto Rico Department of Health, officials plan to announce Monday.

First Zika death in U.S. The latest case raises the number of confirmed infections in South Korea to three. But it can cause microcephaly, a severe birth defect in which babies are born with abnormally small heads.

Quest's test uses real-time RT-PCR to look for Zika in blood samples, so it only detects the virus when it is still present in the blood, CNN reported.

The news comes just one day after the Food and Drug Administration approved the first commercial US test to diagnose Zika virus.

The CDC pronounced they have tested over 6,000 specimens given Puerto Rico became a initial USA office to news internal delivery of a Zika virus; 683 showed justification of stream or new infection.

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Is Zika a killer virus? The virus has also been linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal disorder that causes the immune system to attack the nerve system, leading to paralysis. According to the CDC, symptoms associated with the Zika virus last between seven to 10 days. In this case the patient, who had other health conditions, died. The CDC said 65 pregnant women in Puerto Rico had been found to have symptoms of the virus since November.

He heads up mosquito surveillance for the state of CT.

"Personal diligence" in draining water out of containers on one's property is vital in potentially controlling the mosquitoes that might carry the virus, he said.

Congress is considering almost $2bn in emergency funding to combat the virus and prevent its spread, but the plan has stalled because of opposition from hardline conservatives.

Florida has been identified as one of the most likely places for the disease to gain a foothold, and, with no treatments for zika available, regulators have provisionally approved the release of GM mosquitoes.

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