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Allo by Google 0.1.177 APK Download Released for Android Devices

June 21 2018, 12:34 | Irvin Gilbert

Silicon Valley is abuzz about messaging botsĀ and it looks like Google might finally throw its hat in the ring

Silicon Valley is abuzz about messaging botsĀ and it looks like Google might finally throw its hat in the ring

At the mere mention of a cuisine, Google Assistant promises to provide you with restaurants in your area along with reviews. Once you sign up with your phone number and link your Google account to the app, you're ready to go.

While Allo lets you respond to messages without typing a single word through an intelligent AI, Duo is a video-calling app that lets you connect with your friends no matter where you are or how fast your internet connection is.

And since it understands natural language patterns, you can just chat like yourself and it'll understand what you're saying. It switches between mobile data and Wi-Fi when possible, and generally seems created to work in varied conditions-not just places with top connectivity infrastructure. Unlike Facebook Messenger, Google decided not to combine the video-calling functionality into its messaging app Allo, but have rather kept them as two separate apps. It'll be released later this year. Presented by Google's Eric Kay, a Google engineering director, the app utilizes machine learning and the Google Assistant to make conversations more productive.

Allo also supports bots, including the new Google Assistant, so users will be able to engage businesses and apps in a conversational tone to book reservations and even play games.

As a messaging service, at first blush, you'd be hard pressed to see how Allo is different from other platforms.

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One notable thing about the announcement is that Google already has a messaging app - its Hangouts product that integrates with Gmail and comes standard on Android phones that use Google's services. Allo can let you do that without exiting the app, and then you can paste the business place card right into the chat.

Smart Replies is another big feature of Allo.

Crucially for businesses, Allo offers end to end encryption for chats with an "incognito" mode similar to the one in Chrome.

Duo is a one-to-one video calling app that seems a lot like Apple's FaceTime. Take the video call.

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